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The Roots of Flamenco World Tour (2019)

People seek the best when it comes to flamenco shows in Asia. And we have world class artists from Spain ready to perform in the Asian communities. With three sets of different flamenco shows, a flamenco fashion and Gypsy Jazz show, The Roots of Flamenco World Tour first took place in September & October 2017 with stops in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo. In 2019, we’ll be performing again in Singapore at the Esplanade Theatre on October 26. Learn More

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Consider becoming one of our Roots of Flamenco Would Tour corporate sponsors. This will be a great way to recognize and expose your company name, logo and branding through the Asian and USA Tour events. As an appreciation of your generosity, we will represent your company name and logo in Playbills, free booth space at the Flamenco Expo at USA, in advertising banners, posters, post cards, on-site event backgrounds & banners, our web site and more.
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The Roots of Flamenco 2018 Recap

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We are a strong believer that music and dancing can give person a confidence and a positive energy. Our lecture demonstration performance programs expose audiences to the rich, Gypsy Spanish history and culture. They are also an opportunity to learn the art of Gypsy flamenco dance and music.

The art of flamenco has unique characteristic expression of Gypsy storytelling. From sadness, deep sorrow, or passion, to understand Flamenco is to understand of the complexity of the roots of Flamenco.

The Roots of Flamenco World Tour in 2017 was the first exposition of its kind to bring the rich heritage of Flamenco to the Asian communities. Never before has all aspects of the flamenco culture been brought to one place for people to learn, explore and enjoy the rich culture of Flamenco!

The Roots of Flamenco World Tour draws thousands of flamenco enthusiasts who wish to experience the culture that has touched their passion.Ami Otero, Founder