The Problem

Hiring artists through in the internet is just too risky, and other talent agencies can only hire from within their companies.

Our Solution

Admission Nation hand-selects a pool of Flamenco artists from Spain and around the world, sending our clients the right artist to meet their specific event and program needs. Our artists are professional, punctual and fully insured. We handle the planning (including equipment) and our roster is not limited.

We engage with the greatest and best available Flamenco artists from Spain and throughout the world.

Our Services

Event ProductionTalent ManagementEvent CoordinationWorkshopsBooking
Our past performances and events have included: Flamenco shows, Gypsy Jazz, and events planned internationally through 2023.
We have a hand-selected roster of Flamenco dancers, choreographers, singers and musicians.
We coordinate shows and demonstrations for schools, parks and theaters. We can arrange performances for birthdays, weddings or any special event, and serve our corporate and theater partners, too.
We host demonstrations and workshops that educate audiences on the art and history of Flamenco. Workshops may be adjusted depending on your need and audience. We cater to all age groups.
Contact us to book one of our shows for your city, venue, or special event.
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The Roots of Flamenco World Tour in 2019
The Roots of Flamenco World Tour in 2018
Gypsy Jazz Flamenco with Chano Domínguez
The Roots of Flamenco World Tour in 2017

Flamenco fashion By Luna.

The sounds of our very own Ismael Fernández.
The art of flamenco has attracted an ever increasing amount of attention from around the world. To win over new audiences and inspire Flamenco aficionados, we seek to educate and raise awareness of a variety of flamenco styles including modern masterpieces, classical Spanish and traditional Spanish folk dances.

With our productions, I hope that aficionados, flamenco lovers and new audiences will observe first-hand the passion and artistic technique as well as gain a better understanding of the art of flamenco and, quite possibly put one under the gypsy’s spell, like I was during my first lesson in 1995.Ami Otero, Founder